Monsta Kodi – ‘Wipe Your Tears’


Monsta Kodi’s “Wipe Your Tears” is a heartfelt, tender piece. With a truly positive, inspiring message Monsta Kodi explores exactly how breast cancer effects a person and those who love them. The lyrics are thoughtful as they examine what kind of choices a person must make, along with the level of support a person needs to truly get through such a tragic ordeal. Carefully crafted, the sample that helps to anchor the song reinforces the strong sense of hope that Monsta Kodi expresses throughout his tight, focused flow. Beats help to give the song a sense of impact as the comfortable groove further emphasizes the kind of community spirit that Monsta Kodi promotes.

The song starts off with a credo of devotion. With this opening Monsta Kodi allows the piece to unfurl slowly and surely. By letting the many layers of sound interact in an elegant, elaborate fashion his words ride the beat and grow stronger. Various pieces of the sample linger on in the periphery. Over the course of the song Monsta Kodi shows exactly how an entire community can bond together to support a person. Awareness is of great importance as the song becomes quite gorgeous in how it brings a wide variety of different experiences into a single one, a one that stands proudly against a cancer that affects far too many.

“Wipe Your Tears” shows off Monsta Kodi’s sense of compassion and care for others, delivered with the utmost sincerity.

By Beach Sloth