Legions of fans were bummed to hear about the dissolution of one their favorite indie acts, Love, Robot. But that disappointment was partially mitigated when they learned that Alexa San Román and Dane Petersen from the band were continuing on in a new project called HEIRSOUND. Naturally, the expectations were high, and the results shattered all of the loftiest predictions.

The two videos being put forth today, “Choke” and “Slow Motion,” come from the band’s debut EP, Merge. While still staying true to the elements that made Love, Robot a big favorite, HEIRSOUND is fearless when incorporating elements of other genres into their sound. PopMatters hits the nail on the head with their review of Merge, saying “it’s radio-ready alt-pop with a heavy coat of pop-punk, taking the best of every world in which it dabbles and layering extra energy on top until everything screams. Take this with your morning coffee to stay awake all day.” With their two new videos, directed by San Román herself, HEIRSOUND is upping the ante with a double dose of caffeine for the eyes!

First, we want to talk about the “Choke” video. This super cool visual goes beyond just a performance piece, placing San Román and Petersen in a dark spot, illuminated only by a blazing red backlight. As their silhouettes dance in front of the camera and the lights flicker they feed off of the energy each brings to the table. It’s a killer technique, and one that the band breathes a new life and effectiveness into. The mysterious presentation is a fantastic introduction to HEIRSOUND, complimenting their ability to jump between styles and genres with a video that also keeps viewers on their toes.


“Slow Motion” is another beauty of a clip that is classic San Román. Every shot of this desaturated piece of cinema is carefully crafted to maximize the emotional depth of the song. The subtle forward and reverse playback adds a tasteful element of restlessness, which is the heart of this offering. It features a young woman (Alexa’s sister, Sam San Roman) dressed in a pristine white outfit as she explores the world around her, camera in hand. She covers the tropics, the autumnal northeast, and the barren desert out west, taking the time to let go of the past and find herself in the process.