Fernando Perdomo – ‘Voyeurs’


Fernando Perdomo’s “Voyeurs” is a deeply reassuring, kind album that recalls the best of 70s singer-songwriters. Downright beautiful his work recalls the 70s revivalist work of Tobias Jesso Jr. and Whitney. By far the highlight of the album are the dreamy gentle vocals of Fernando Perdomo whose lyrics emphasize togetherness, hope, and faith in others. Nicely supporting his articulate lyricism is his band, which feels to be in perfect unison. Everything works from the light yet emotive keyboards that are woven deep within the album’s DNA to the light percussion that permeates the pieces.

“The One You Run To” sets the tone for the album with a golden hue to the sound. Absolutely inviting to its very core the song unfolds at its own pace. On “Feels” Fernando Perdomo creates a song whose lovely melody makes it one of the album highlights. Rather elegant in nature is the ornate “Holding Back I Love You”. Sounding as if it was transmitted from long ago is the AM pop hit style of “Angel”. Offering a rollicking approach complete with passionate, urgent lyricism is the search of “Something’s Missing”. On “Stay With The Friends” Fernando Perdomo’s arrangement feels reminiscent of Jon Brion’s soundtrack work. Nice neon-hued synthesizer leads the exuberant and giddy “Sequence 0045”. Laid-back with a jazzy vibe is the crystal cool of “Sketchbook”. Closing the album off on a delicate note is “Waltz For Doug”.

With “Voyeurs” Fernando Perdomo creates an album that sounds like a classic.


By Beach Sloth