Hannah Telle – “Hollow Glow”


Hannah Telle taps into the loveliness of late 60s and early 70s AM pop exuberance with “Hollow Glow”. With a laid temperament akin to a mix of Jessica Pratt and Mac DeMarco’s work, the songs unfurl with a sense of true style. Vocals are positioned front and center over the course of her mellowed sounds. Lyrically the songs possess a dreamy quality to them, one that has a sense of hope weaved deep within their DNA. Attention to detail means the guitar’s expressiveness blends together folk and jazz into a quiet kind of celebration.

The album opens with the sleepy groove of “Never Done” whose arrangement feels rather gorgeous in its careful balance. Vocals feels fragile on the delicate, chamber folk of “Hollow Glow” one of the highlights of the album. Giddy in temperament is the tenderness of “Happy Birthday” with its ramshackle beat emphasizing the song’s hazy demeanor. Akin to a journey is the steady rhythm of “Skinned Knees” whose expansive approach incorporates a western twang into the mix. A hushed tension defines the expectant tone of “Hurricanes”. Colorful to its very core is the psychedelic swirl of “Don’t Want to Lose It”. Vashti Bunyan’s spirit is conjured up with the precision of “More Like Her”. Closing the album off on a high note is the triumphant “Winter Coat” whose keyboards positively glisten.

Absolutely beautiful to behold, Hannah Telle’s “Hollow Gold” is the perfect sort of album for a lazy joyful afternoon.


By Beach Sloth