Rev Peter Unger – ‘Fall Away’


Rev Peter Unger delivers a beautiful rumination on how the problems of the world can drag a person down with “Fall Away”. Opting for a 70s singer-songwriter stripped down approach the piece is perfectly balanced. Production glistens as the inclusion of the electric guitar within the mix results in helping to further emphasize the tender atmosphere set by Rev Peter Unger’s crystal clear vocals. At times Rev Peter Unger’s deep and resonant voice feels reminiscent of the similarly polished vocals of Fleet Foxes.


Quiet reserved guitar opens the song with a sense of clarity. The way the guitars weave themselves together feels akin to a warm well-worn blanket. Re Peter Unger’s voice serves as the heart and center of the piece. With each additional lyric he further emphasizes an idea of salvation. Over the course of the song Rev Peter Unger reveals a desire for the burdens of the world to simply slip away resulting in a sense of comfort. His vocals are quite expressive as the lyrics display exactly how hard that can be, to find some sense of peace in the world. As the burden is further explained in greater detail it is shown to be something that ought not occupy a person’s mind. Burdens ought not weigh down on a person, rather they should be allowed to leave and be let go of.

Possessing a true emotional richness Rev Peter Unger’s “Fall Away” feels quite timely in a world where anxiety can take over a person’s life, preventing them from enjoying the simple pleasures.

By Beach Sloth