Romance & Rebellion dial-up heart pounding infatuation in the music video for their new single, “Vanity Fair.” The five piece band, consisting of David LaViola (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Aaron Medina (Lead Guitar, Harmony Vocals), Aleksandr Landsberger (Rhythm Guitar, Harmony Vocals), Kyle Jordan Mueller (Drums), and Brandon Davis (Bass, Harmony Vocals) are known for their high energy mix of charismatic pop melodies and epic power rock infused instrumentation. Their newest single, “Vanity Fair,” off their self-titled debut EP, is an electrifying take on the power of lust at first sight.

On a track that transports you back to that 1960’s dancehall, “Vanity Fair” gets a gritty-like treatment with its visual counterpart. Intermixed with flashes of a high energy live performance and a sultry burlesque showcase, the anthem for self-confidence is born anew. Beautiful women strut their stuff down a catwalk while the boisterous music becomes a fitting soundtrack. It perfectly encapsulates the vibe and message behind the song.