Enzo Bennet is staking his claim as one of mau5trap’s emerging stars through the release of his brand new single, “Naga,” out now. A shining jewel amongst the We Are Friends, Vol. 5 compilation from the Deadmau5′ lead imprint, “Naga” is a concept derived from the nightlife scene in London, exuding the color and vitality that defines the city itself.

“Naga” takes shape as a tribute to Enzo’s UK residence, capturing the beauty of England and expressing it through intricate layers of sound. He masters the ability to paint a picture that vividly reflects his current residence with the usage of texturally-rich, twinkling synths, and a vintage Deadmau5-inspired rhythm. There is no shortage of imagination within Bennet’s production, as he shows a deft touch with shifting tempos, modulation, and more through his newest release. The French artist manages to shine amongst great company – artists like Eekkoo, REZZ, ATTLAS, No Mana, Mord Fustang among others grace the latest edition of WAF – and clearly shows why he is so highly regarded by all.