Music history was made last Thursday, when French DJ and producer Klingande teamed up with At Night Studios to release the first ever live streamed music video on Facebook for new single “Somewhere New.” Telling the story of a couple who break into another dimension that fulfils all their fantasies and wishes, the video features perfectly executed dance choreography, seamless set changes and clever camerawork.

As it was Facebook live streamed, the video had no retakes, no editing and no post-production. All produced in one single take, the first and only performance was the finished and final product. Director Måns Nyman planned a selection of creative scenes, alongside producer from At Night Studios Marcus Lindgren: “When the first shot is made that’s the one we have to go with. Because it’s live.” Whilst Marcus adds how much preparation went into the video “we have no control over the outcome since it’s live. However, we’d been planning for months to get the right lighting, dancing, the right queues, projection, balloons etc. A lot of things that have to go according to the plan.”