Jason Rylan – “Help is on the Way”


Jason Rylan sings with true power on the reassuring “Help is on the Way”. With an upbeat, giddy melody moving the song forward the rhythm is positively triumphant in tone. Vocals are poetic in nature as they highlight the comfort that people can give one another. As the song slowly unfurls what is revealed is the sort of true friend that every person needs. Over the course of the song Jason Rylan lets the song grow ever larger in scope. By opting for this approach Jason Rylan lets the song’s many layers intermingle perfectly resulting in an all-encompassing sea of sound.

Starting off with strong vocals Jason Rylan wastes no time in getting the groove fully settled. A story begins to form as Jason Rylan’s confidence gives the song a great deal of light. Underpinning the country western twang is an electronic backbone that keeps the song centered. With an introspective approach Jason Rylan lets it be shown that the lucky anyone encounters ought to be given to those less fortunate. Emphasizing this communal spirit Jason Rylan explores the many paths that a person can choose in order to find their true calling in life. Various flourishes are brought into the mix as Jason Rylan lets the song take on an almost orchestral sound.


“Help is on the Way” shows off Jason Rylan’s ability to bring together elements of folk, country, rock, with a hint of electronica into a satisfying consistent whole.


By Beach Sloth