FIVES – ‘Heart & Thunder’ EP


With an infectious, summertime celebratory spirit is the infinitely catchy “Heart & Thunder” by FIVES. Everything simply works from the articulate lyricism to the emotional melody. Reminiscent of the best of the Postal Service, FIVES sings with a true sense of soul. Attention to detail is an absolute must as the many layers of sound interact so brilliantly. Texturally the sound has a light and airy feel to it as it builds up over the course of the EP. Songs interact with each other until they create a vast tapestry of sound, one that draws the listener into their carefully crafted world.

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FIVES waste no time in getting started as they begin in earnest. The groove starts up automatically with full energy. Synthesizer sweeps come in right as the rhythm starts up in earnest. Vocals start with a casual, almost flirtatious kind of nature. On the title track FIVES lets a nimble bass line bring everything together. Merging dance and rock together is the chaotic “Here We Go”. Much more introspective in tone is the mellowed out vibes of “Lovers in Lullaby”. Showing off their gentler approach the song has an intimate kind of feeling. Possessing a true communal spirit is the joyful triumph of “My Gravity” with a full bombastic sort of rhythm guiding the song forward.

Effortlessly merging elements of rock, electronica, and pop into a satisfying whole FIVES creates a perfect collection of jams with “Heart & Thunder”.

By Beach Sloth