Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Nine


With a light airy feel is the optimistic “Everything Is Alright” by Neil and Adam. The sound recalls the best of 80s alternative rock. Downright charming the song builds up ever so gracefully.

Summery and celebratory is the infectiousness of Destiny Malibu’s “Love Hurts”. Nice attention to detail means that elements of dubstep, pop, and EDM are brought together into a delightfully colorful mix. Vocals serve as the heart and center of the track as Destiny Malibu lets a plethora of styles play together.

The Condriacs take a low-key, folksy approach with “I’ll Take It All”. Working wonders, it is the small details that work best for them. From the gentle guitar work to the breezy rhythm, everything comes together ever so effortlessly.

A sly funky groove emerges from Conceptz’s “Promises ft. Suzann Christine”. Spacious at first the song’s luxurious languid groove sprawls out gracefully. Flow is impeccable as the song grows in power.

On “Falling ft. Benjamin Karmer” Michael Resin creates a tender atmosphere. Delicate in tone the song brings together elements of classical, jazz, and rock into a piece that teems with life. Compassionate to its core the song unfurls gradually revealing its hidden treasures.

Giddiness dominates over the loveliness of Inches From Sin’s “Hold On”. Downright affectionate in style the piece starts off ever so intimately before it builds up into an unstoppable force. When things come together in full the release is deeply satisfying.

Woven together with carefully crafted beats and intricate samples is the kaleidoscopic “DOLO” by Conceptz. Raps are completely on point as the song’s dexterity results in a song that virtually demands to be played as loud as possible. Over the course of the song Conceptz includes an ever-larger variety of sounds into the mix as the song becomes ever more intense.

Paying great tribute to the best of early house music is the hyperkinetic grooves of Tammi T’s “Dance With A Stranger ft. Keith Hines Production”. Subtle shifts do particularly fine as the sonic palette helps further emphasize the memorable melodies. A narrative forms over the course of the song of unrequited, lost love.

Downright decadent is the 70s funk flavored Conceptz “Get Back To Ya ft. Strickly Bi”. Beats are physical as the bass frequencies hit particularly hard. Everything has a nimble, downright addictive quality to it as the piece’s bouncing groove is rather hypnotic.

Wasting no time in getting started is the spirited “Why Don’t We Get Married” where Inches From Sin opts for a full-band sound. Everything is in full swing from the colossal rhythm to the spirited strings that sing above. Combining elements of the blues and folk the song is one of pure unbridled joy.

Bringing things to a close is the dark sound of Conceptz “Keep It Movin ft. Prometheus”. Eerie in its mood the song rumbles infused with threat. Lyrics exemplify a certain element of paranoia as the desire to move forward drives it all.

By Beach Sloth