Todd Apfel – ‘One Horse Town’


Todd Apfel’s “One Horse Town” is delivered with pure passion tapping into the best of classic rock. With a sound that virtually invites a sort of sing-along, these are pieces that feel all engrossing. Attention to detail is particularly fine as the guitar work has a rollicking, unhinged feel to it with the grit displayed in full. Lyrics focus on bringing people together, on how when a group comes together they have greater power and greater joy.

Easily the highlight of the collection is the pure bombast of “One Horse Town”. A catchy hook introduces the song in earnest. Full of just the right level of distortion the piece feels completely unstoppable. The driving rhythm feels ever so satisfying as Todd Apfel sings with a sense of pure happiness, of the choices he’s made and the choices he needs to make in order to give his life a sense of contentment. Much gentler in spirit is the nimble work of “Not The Only One”. On this track Todd Apfel opts for a more cinematic feel as the song sweeps through ever so luxuriously. Happiness flows out of the optimism of “Paradise”. Possessing an irresistible melody, the song almost as a sense of giddiness as the lyrics describe the beginning of a day. Bringing the collection to an introspective close is the slow-moving “Shadows In Your Mind”.

Highly thoughtful and with a true sense of purpose, Todd Apfel’s “One Horse Town” is an unforgettable experience.

By Beach Sloth