Bed Bug infestation has assumed an epidemic status in the USA and is fast becoming a major issue that is certainly detrimental to the overall public health. The infestation rates are currently at really an all-time high and so the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency, USA) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) are highlighting emerging mental and physical health implications and the economic consequences related to the bed bugs across the USA. The bed bugs are not notorious for transmitting infectious diseases like the ticks and the mosquitoes.

However, the fact remains that there could be numerous health hazards associated with bed bug infestation and bites. As per research reports published in the year 2009 in JAMA, bed bugs are not responsible for transmitting blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis B virus or HIV, but they do pose some health risks to humans. It is a good idea to seek clinical help if you suspect any bed bug related issues. Here are some possible health hazards of bed bug bites and infestation.

May Trigger Allergic Reaction
According to the observations of the Michigan Department of Community Health, bed bug bites could have various physical manifestations that would be differing from one person to another. Sometimes you would not even be able to differentiate between bed bug bites and mosquito bites. You would often dismiss them assuming that they are mosquito bites. This is simply because the swelling and the localized redness would be just like those associated with mosquito bites.

Many of you are known to have an insect bite allergy. If you seem to be sensitive to such insect bites, you could experience an allergic reaction to bed bug bites too that would generally be mild causing skin irritation, reddening, and itching. Sometimes you could experience serious allergic reactions that necessitate treatment with oral antihistamines and corticosteroids and application of anti-itch ointments. You must try to find out ways to prevent bug bites effectively to avoid severe allergic reactions.

May Cause Respiratory Complications
If you have a history of respiratory issues, this could be worsened by the presence of bed bugs. Bed bugs are used to shedding their casings or outer skins while their growth stage is on. These casings and also, feces of bed bugs could become dry and could become airborne. These may lead to aggravation of asthma and some other respiratory illnesses.

May Lead to Infection
Bed bugs are not directly responsible for causing any infection but if you cannot resist scratching the bed bug bites, an infection could take place. Scratching could lead to breakages and openings in your skin that would eventually lead to an infection as bacteria would be entering your body through these breakages, start multiplying, and cause infection. You may use over-the-counter effective antiseptic ointments or your doctor could prescribe special creams for applying on the affected areas directly.

May Trigger Anemia
Research and case studies reveal that even though some patients had no apparent physical causes yet they were suffering from anemia. When their homes were examined, serious bed bug infestations were traced. It is pretty unlikely that bed bug bites would be leading to anemia in most cases. However, in some extreme cases where other risk factors for anemia are present, bed bug bites could be posing an anemia risk.

May Cause Insomnia
Bed bugs would be causing sleep disorders and insomnia. You may not get to sleep for nights leaving you totally drained out both mentally and physically of course. If you are residing in a bed bug infested house, you would not only experience insomnia but also suffer from the ill-effects of insomnia including lack of focus, irritability, anxiety, loss of appetite, depression and even psychosis in a few cases.

Bed bugs could cause a lot of emotional and physical distress. You may get socially isolated. Though we are yet to prove that bed bugs are responsible for transmitting diseases, the fact remains, that they could lead to a host of mental and physical issues. Bed bugs pose a severe threat to public health and they need to be eliminated effectively before the consequences blow out of proportion.

Author Bio: Donald Arter is an entrepreneur and the owner of a private pest control firm. He has been in the business for over a decade and has recently also taken to blogging to share posts about the services offered and other tips to prevent bug bites.