The Ormewoods – ‘The Bedroom Sessions’


Tapping into folk music’s earnestness is the tender work of “The Bedroom Sessions”, displaying the undeniable talent of the Ormewoods. Arrangements are kept to the utmost essentials. Guitar work is particularly fine as the Ormewoods explore sense of true love and compassion for others. By far the heart and soul of the album comes from the heartfelt vocals that possess a perfect mix of compassion, care, with a slight sense of flirtation. Throughout it all what ties the many songs together is a sense of deeply felt, highly articulate lyrics that represent mere snapshots in a life lived most fully.

With a jaunty flavor is the album opener “Sidelines”. Their harmony feels welcoming in nature as the song builds up every so gently. Energy flows out of the hopeful work of “Back To You” as strings add an additional sense of optimism to the proceedings. A late night stripped down vibe does wonders on “Hey Babe”. Light and airy is the passionate “Tonight”. Easily the highlight of the album is the sweetness of “Delaware Ave” whose chamber pop approach feels appropriate. Hushed in its delivery is the ominous message of “Take Cover”. Utilizing only a guitar at first before coming into full bloom is the patient “Year Of Mercy”. Bringing the album to a satisfying conclusion is “Love 101”.

Representing the best of Americana, the Ormewoods create a fully realized, pitch-perfect album with the loveliness of “The Bedroom Sessions”.

By Beach Sloth