The crowd began to steadily increase early on, with good reason. The Michael Weber Show was the opener, performing a mix of classic rock, blues, and originals, with Michael managing to throw in all the guitar stunts. Great range of guitar work and vocals with an added horn section, definitely entertaining. By the time brother Mark came on, the stands were packed with Grand Funk T-shirt wearing fans. His current N’rG Band lineup consists of Hubert “H-Bomb” Crawford on drums, Dennis Bellinger on bass, and Karl Propst on keys. Always a crowd favorite and energetic as always, Mark switched between keys and guitar patrolling the stage like it was the 70’s. Along with performing the GFR FM standards, Mark dug into his back catalog (12 platinum & 15 gold albums), and pulled out Creepin’, I Don’t Have To Sing The Blues, Shinin’ On, and Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother. Always respected as one of rock’s outspoken patriotic and environmental voices since the 70’s, Mark saluted the vets, and interacted with the audience on the subjects of liberty, freedom, and stating “I’m just going to say one more thing. We don’t need another criminal in the White House! Just as a reminder of what’s going on, we’re going to play this”. The band then launched into a great version of the CSN&Y classic Ohio. The encore was naturally Closer To Home (I’m Your Captain). NOTE: If you don’t have a copy of the double-disc Bosnia CD featuring a full orchestra, you’re just not a true Funkster. Also, regarding another important election, petition those lame ducks at the Rock Hall. Tell them it’s time to elect GFR and some “Rock & Roll Soul” in there!

By R.M. Engelman