Brenda Veila_phixr

Give Me Your Hand 2016 – the song and the year, which mark the introduction of ‘Brenda’ on a global scale. It’s an invitation to get to know an amazing young talent…

Brenda is of Russian roots and is bilingual in both English and Russian. She is also fluent in French. She has previously accomplished extensive airplay on over 300 Russian and European radio stations (Best FM; Click Radio – Monaco; Hot

She was born in Moscow and raised in Europe, before moving to Cyprus to embark on a defining chapter in her young career. Despite Brenda’s music being of Pop genre, she still takes the ABRSM exams in both singing and piano, as her parents have always valued the classical education system. The nickname ‘Brenda from Limassol’ (due to her move to Cyprus) caught on shortly for a while but nowadays, after starting work at the renowned Soundscape Studios, she simply goes by ‘Brenda’. Regardless of any nicknames or accolades, at heart she remains very accessible – just a kid doing her thing. Buy her single on itunes today.