Cadence Kid


With not a lot of data on an artist it can be easy to fall short on how to go about putting them out there, but starting somewhere is key. One thing that is for sure, Cadence Kid plays a lot of instruments, and I mean a lot. He’s done much work in his time on other projects with orchestral composition for films, etc. But 2016 brought him into a solo phase and the single “Hold On Me” is the result this summer and it is a long way from his said work and other stuff he’s done like working with Dream Theater. It’s a breezy, melancholy tune with a lot going for it. It harks back to the 80s without sounding like a pale version of those romantic artists that we got a few too much of. But you can tell he appreciates that stuff, while he also carves out his own future path.


Not that he doesn’t already have a path behind him, it just brings him onto one of his own. Released June 3rd, 2016, this is a fresh pick to be reviewing and could grow some quick wings if it circulates widely enough. And his background certainly qualifies him for solo work, so he should break some ground but the tune isn’t all that can do that. It takes much more and hopefully that is in the plan somewhere. The track is very laid back and almost trippy in parts and that is no mistake, it just makes me wonder what genre he fits into. And there is so much more to this artist that I don’t know, it’s hard to call much in that department as well.

But when you play everything except for the drums on a single it’s pretty impressive. In-fact Cadence himself actually plays the following instruments on this track, including the vocals himself: Violin, viola, erhu, flute, recorder, trumpet, trombone, guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, ukelele, harmonica and piano. But the track tends to deceive anyone not able to notice that, so it must be mentioned. This is a very complex arrangement produced by the great Cassidy Turbin of Beck fame, so, needless to say it works in that area. But I wouldn’t go comparing Cadence to Beck, just yet. If he continues down this path and I get any wind of it, we shall see then.

This is the third single this year and after giving all tracks this a good listen I am impressed. But the romantic vibes hit the spot and give him a wide berth with me, so I will be doing that. Perhaps I might even find him more akin to Beck as I delve more into him. “Hold On Me” is a smooth introduction anyway and does entice for more. It’s worth checking out, so it comes recommended in its short and sweet approach. And the production simply can’t be denied. But some might find it background music if they can’t tell what’s what instrumentally, and that is why it’s so important to be reviewed, to get the interest it takes to find such things out about an artist.

In closing, the strong points are obviously in how well-rounded a musician he is, but the production keeps that centered and helps carry the sound with great effort. All three solo singles are great, starting with “XTC” and “Whistling Your Name.”


Score: 4/5

Larry Toering