Bill Wren – ‘Road To Chiang Mai’


With a sound uniquely his own, Bill Wren creates an album that transcends genres with “Road To Chiang Mai”. A plethora of stylistic choices reveal themselves from classical to world with elements of electronica sprinkled throughout. By letting these pieces truly soar, Bill Wren allows for rich textures that teem with life. Intricately arranged layer upon layer of sounds interact quite gorgeously resulting in truly brilliant displays of color.

Hushed strings introduce the joyful work of “Enchanted Kingdom”. Beginning quite gently the song comes into bloom remarkably quickly. From there Bill Wren ties together a vast variety of genres into the mix, even letting a small element of dubstep weave its way into the overall sound. Restrained in nature and touching about an ambient form of pop is the dazzling display of “The Other Side”. Soaring to the heavens is the airy lush sound of “Harmonia”. The heart of the album is the intimate approach of the title track. On “Road To Chiang Mai” Bill Wren opts for a gradual progression. Absolutely jubilant in tone is the celebratory “Land Of Smiles”. Elegantly combining the electronic with the organic is the emotionally moving work of “The Beginning”. Fragile in nature is the sweet sound of “Ebb and Flow”. Closing the album off on a high note is the spacious work of “Today In Paradise”.

Smart, sophisticated and with a true sense of style, Bill Wren’s “Road To Chiang Mai” is an inspirational joy.

By Beach Sloth