Everyone always wants to dress and look fashionable from head to toe. We all want to look in style and wear everything that is trending for the moment. But then again, everyone has a different way of bringing out their style. For others it may be through clothes, others through the shoes they wear and others through their jewelry. Jewelry is very popular throughout the world.

Jewelry is normally used, in most cases, for beautification. Brooches, rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are examples of jewelry. Jewelry can be made from a range of stones. This can be gold, silver, diamond, bronze or even copper. Each stone is carried with its respective value. Wearing certain jewelry though, has meaning. For example, a ring is jewelry but there are:

•Engagement rings
•Wedding rings
•Rings that are worn just for the sake of style and fashion.

Jewelry somehow has an effect on how the wearers, mostly women, feel. The feeling is mostly satisfaction in the fact that you actually look nice and are in style.

When buying jewelry, there are different things that you may be looking at. It could be the purpose of that item. Is it for gifting it to someone? Is it yours? If by any chance you are gifting it to someone, be sure about the relationship between the two of you. Jewelry comes in really nicely here.

It could be that you are gifting your sister or best friend. Getting a necklace that has a stone with similar writings on it would be to die for! If you ask me, this would mean a lot to me. Just like the old times in high school when you and your best friend had a chain with the same message, ‘Friends Forever’.

Sister Jewelry can also be used to kind of celebrate a long time bond. It could be between a couple or two friends, as in the case above, or even a group of friends.

You may also want to buy jewelry to give to someone with some inspiring message. For this, there is Inspirational Jewelry. These are basically necklaces or bracelets with inspirational writings on it. The kind of messages here could be the kind like, ‘Tough times don’t last forever but tough people do!’, ‘Refuse to sink!’ and so on.

You need to be sure when to wear what kind of jewelry. There are some that are most suitable for evening events while others are suitable for daytime events. During occasions like family days out, you could wear either the inspirational jewelry or the sister jewelry.

For a wedding event, for example, the bride may want to pair up her earrings and her necklace. This is not sister jewelry though.

You must be familiar with the feeling you get when you suddenly realize that you forgot to wear your earrings and have left the house already- that feeling of nakedness!

Let us embrace the jewelry culture as ladies and remain chic to the end!

Ivanna Mercy is a 26-year-old lady who loves to write and read books, fictional books. She is a believer of inspirational jewelry. She believes that what you wear has an effect on you, positive or negative. Ivanna discovered that she loved to write back in high school when she would write poems.