EsQuille featuring Bruno Alexander – “Dancing on the Sun”


Esquille is a multitalented musician as a DJ, songwriter, producer, remixing and engineer with 30 years in the entertainment business. Over the years he has learned the formula of creating hit music. His single, Dancing on the Sun, featuring, Bruno Alexander is his latest creation that is dancing its way through the EDM musical world.

He puts the formula to impeccable use in this recent dance creation. For all you EDM listeners, this mix is sure to get you off your asses and on the dance floor. Pulsating beats moving through your emotions like waves reaching a proverbial shore.

Esquille has a unique style that makes his beats stand out above the rest. Every loop and melody are purposeful and well thought out. As a listener it is easy to get lost and sway your body to the rhythm of the song, but as a musician there is evidence of his years of experience that help shape his style.

As a person that is not very familiar with this genre of music, Esquille has a unique ability to draw on your senses. So let’s all go for a tour in his world and get lost in a perpetual dance experience. Lose yourself in the moment and lose all inhibitions one beat at a time. Let the energy build until he has you soaring soon you will be, Dancing on the Sun.

4 out of 5

Rebecca Hosking –