In “Quicksand,” the album’s next single (available June 24), Dash dives into a subject many would list as one of the most dangerous relationship pitfalls one can encounter: getting stuck in emotional quicksand. When asked if this cut is a cautionary tale about the never-ending story of falling for the bad boy, without hesitation and in her typically candid way, she says, “Yeah, it definitely is just that.” With refreshing frankness, Dash notes that she initially wrote the song about a girlfriend of hers and a guy she was dating, but confesses she too has been mired in that type of “toxic relationship.” Meanwhile, the video for “Massive Attack” plays out like an updated three-minute aural film noir piece, with a twist at the end. On the surface it seems yet another bad boy is in charge, but then Dash flips the script. Let’s face it, she’s in charge here. “Yeah, that’s ultimately the message I want to send, especially to women. So much of that song is really just an empowering anthem.”