Sweet Sweet – ‘In Tandem’


Sweet Sweet’s “In Tandem” celebratory spirit is an absolute joy as it explores the communal sensibility that informs the best kind of folk music. Full of hope the songs recall the similar pop-folk sensibilities of Grizzly Bear and the Fleet Foxes. Melodies are downright beautiful as they incorporate strong rhythms, many layers of sound courtesy of their unique hybrid of folk and classical into such a satisfying swirl of sound. By giving these songs such energy they appear to positively burst forth with life. How they build each piece up is particularly masterful, done with the utmost of nuance.

Deep in the thick of things is the toe-tappingly good “To The Stars”. The entire band comes together to create a joyful atmosphere. For “Daylight” Sweet Sweet opt for a different approach as the song’s build is far quieter in nature, as the song’s airy sensibility works wonders. “Remind Me” takes a mellow groove as the song’s narrative takes center stage. Honeyed vocals are rather fine, almost conveying a sense of dreaminess as the song expands ever so gently. Soothing in its deep yet soulful embrace is the tender work of “Cellars And Closets”. Easily the highlight of the collection everything feels rather lovely in how the lyrics begin to shift alongside the arrangement. Sweet Sweet closes the collection off with the introspective “Lost Kids” whose sound is intimate and pure.

“In Tandem” show off the undeniable chops of Sweet Sweet, who represent the future of folk music.


By Beach Sloth