As you are going about planning for your wedding, the day itself is not the only thing you are preparing for, it is common that you also take into consideration the honeymoon during the general planning. The honeymoon is a very significant period, since it will be the first time you will be together as a married couple. You should make sure that you are going to a place where you both will be able to have a great time, and have ample time to spend alone with each other. There are many honeymoon destinations that are popular and actually specialize in accommodating newlyweds, there are institutions that even give special discounts for couples as well as packages. Finding what suits you and your partner among this wide array of options can be challenging. Every resort is showcasing the wonderful experience you are bound to enjoy when you visit those places. It is important that, you do not get carried away by the advertising, and end up make a booking at a resort that you will not enjoy, compared to if you made a booking somewhere else. Here are some tips on choosing where you want to go for your honeymoon:

1. Select a place.
This is the first important step, going through catalogues or naming different destinations can be a time consuming activity. To make it easier, you and your partner can individually draft lists of your favorite or dream destinations, maybe five each. Afterwards, you can compare your lists, it is very probable that a common destination will emerge, and that should be your starting point. If listing destinations doesn’t work out, you can alternatively list different experiences that you want to have, if it is scuba diving or bungee jumping, you will definitely find one experience that you both want to have, and this will also give a starting point, on where is the best place that activity is offered and at what cost.

2. The major attractions.
If the destination you are going to has major attractions for tourists, it is important you book well in advance to be able to have the experience firsthand comfortably. It is also to your benefit if you book your honeymoon in the low season, when there is not many tourists, this will help you enjoy amenities when there are not many people. You will notice the difference, for example if you check into one of the Maryland hotels, during low season, the hotel isn’t as packed and facilities like the pools and spa will not be crowded. It is also important, that you hire a tour guide, for the first day that you arrive.

3. Consider a trip to the big city.
If you and your fiancé like to tour around museums and eat at classy restaurants, then a big city tour will be suitable for you. It can be a little pricy, but there are alternative destinations around Eastern Europe, that can offer a similar experience.

Jhim Heras is a travel advisor with over 15 years of experience working with many hotels in the U.S.A including Maryland hotels. He also has his own travel agency. To learn more about tourism in Maryland, please visit this website.