Known for the bands Garrity and My Favourite Tragedy, singer songwriter North Easton will release his debut solo album One Of The Lucky One’s in October 2016. The single “Change” is currently in rotation at CBC and select AC stations and the official music video debut’s today.

With a new solo music direction, the song “Change” is the perfect first single. This year Easton lost 60lbs, cut off his dreads that he had been growing since 2010, recorded a full length album and is about to tour across Canada. Change is good.

“People are constantly on the edge of change,” says Easton. “Whether we just went through it, are about to go through it or smack dead in the middle of it, change is addictive and inspirational. This song and the video is more than just a story of events; it is targeting those who need that extra little push.”

The video directed by Karim Ayari was an adventure Easton was thrilled to participate in. “In this video, I got knocked out, ran a marathon, rode a Harley, taught a yoga class, played Donald Trump, got fired and ended up on a yacht,” he says. “This video was shot in 4 days in 7 different locations from Ottawa to the thousands islands…this was the most fun I’ve had so far in making a music video”

“Change” Official Music Video: