Six Awesome Accessories Every Music Junkie Needs_phixr(1)

Music has been around a long time, and advances in modern technology allow fans to enjoy it in new ways. Combine the old with the new and check out these six awesome accessories every music junkie needs.

Cordless Headphones
Cordless headphones allow you to freely walk around, as long as you stay within a certain distance to the transmitter. They work with any audio device with a standard headphone jack, even when you’re traveling abroad.

You can even get headphones that have interchangeable headbands and detachable aluminum ear cups. The former allow you to change colors in case you’re bored with black. Despite the nostalgic look of big ear cups, modern headphones don’t allow for a lot of sound to escape so you can use them without disturbing others. Just make sure they are turned down so you don’t damage your own ear drums.

Wireless Speakers
Wireless speakers can turn smartphones and tablets into disc jockey equipment but you don’t need to have a bachelor’s degree in sonography to figure them out. Some even allow you to hook up multiple smartphones so you and your friends can take turns playing tunes from streaming services.

Wi-Fi Smart Guitar
Take air guitar play to a higher level with a Wi-Fi smart guitar. It’s a small fretboard with strings on top that connects to a phone or tablet. The magic of infrared sensors allows you to change the guitar sound for styles ranging from Bluegrass banjos to Heavy Metal electric guitars.

Portable Media Player
Smartphones make good enough music players on the go, but eventually they run out of storage space, battery power, or they encounter glitches such as lost files. That’s why owning a portable media player makes sense. These handy devices are perfect for parties, road trips, and weddings.

Vinyl Records
Electronic music files are nice because they only require virtual storage, but there’s something to be said about holding onto a piece of pop culture. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, some carefully chosen vinyls make for intriguing conversation pieces. Plus, you get the coveted artwork that made buying records so appealing.

Vinyl Record Player
While the latest technology is nice to have, nostalgia is part of the music experience. That’s why you need a vinyl record player or turntable. Plus, you’ll want something on which to play those awesome albums from your collection. Modern record players keep the vintage look but have built-in speakers to deliver high-quality sound. Some even come with auxiliary input for smartphone-hookup.

There are no wrong ways to enjoy music, but these accessories give you a nice variety to appreciate your favorite sounds. Best of all: They won’t break the bank.