Sarantos – ‘Perfection From Every Angle’


Sarantos shows off his deep knowledge of deep house with the joyful dance grooves of “Perfection From Every Angle”. With lyrics that emphasize exactly what people wait for, that moment of absolute freedom, Sarantos creates a lovely world with his song. The celebration of the world becomes apparent as Sarantos sings strongly over the insistent steady pulsing rhythm. Anchored by a subtle yet careful melody the song simply grows in scope and stature as Sarantos comes through with an absolute rush of energy.

Wasting absolutely no time at all Sarantos dives deep into the groove of things with a carefully placed sample introducing the track in style. The song demands to be played as loud as possible. Nearly physical in sound Sarantos explores all the happiness that can happen from simply letting go of the confines of the ordinary. Operating under an ever-increasing amount of optimism, the song grows to gigantic proportions. As the piece continues Sarantos merges elements of R&B and dance into a single sound. Woven deep into the work is an insistence on the lighter, airier elements of the sound. Jazz-like motifs appear throughout the song lending themselves to the song’s carefree spirit. Nicely matched by the smart lyrics that further explain exactly how one can simply find a great new world under the night sky, dancing until dawn, the piece ends on a perfect satisfying note.

“Perfection From Every Angle” displays the infinite talent of Sarantos and his uncanny ability to create a pure pop dance classic.

By Beach Sloth