Bongo Boy Records – ‘The Summer Compilation BONGO BOY BEACH’


Mark Baxter’s “Great Escape” opens the collection up on an airy, tropical note. Nicely mixing elements of indie rock with a hint of jazz, the song sprawls out luxuriously. Lyrically the song has a dreamy, longing quality to it.

“Follow Your Bliss” shows off A Year From Monday’s blissful grooves. With clean guitar riffs and a steady bass line, the moves forward with great power. Tying this all together are the articulate thoughtful lyrics.

With neon-hued synthesizer comes the radiant work of “Dancing on the Sun” by EsQuille featuring Bruno Alexander. Full of joy, the song’s celebratory spirit gives it a Balearic beat sound. Melodies shine through leading the way.

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A gentle spirit defines the intimate sound of “Come on Baby (Come on Over)” by the Pete V Project ft Reece Bahia. Soothing vocals serve as the heart of the song as the lyrics focus on a sweetness romantic desire. Light with its structure the song’s nimble quality works wonders.

Offering a laid back summer groove is the colorful sound of B.I.S.’s “Run Me All Around”. Percussion is highly playful showing off an impressive level of dexterity. With a dub-like bass the piece’s gradually evolving sound radiates a sense of happiness.

Taking on a slight garage rock style is the earnestness of Pamela Davis’s “You Make Me Feel Good”. Pamela Davis explores a tender, twee-like sensibility as the song goes along with a languid, dreamy style. Riffs have just the right mixture of 60s nostalgia mixed with heart.

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Sara James explores the heat of the summer with “Boys Like You”. Immaculately produced with driving rhythms, Sara James has her voice rise above it all. Tasteful and stylish, “Boys Like You” lets desire serve as the song’s main theme.

Possessing a strong sense of humor is “Deep Blue Sea” where Mia Moravis creates a virtual parade of sounds. With glistening melodies the song simply soars with a heavy bass anchoring it all. By opting for such a dazzling display of sonic textures the song feels welcoming.

“U Sud” goes for a laid-back, mellow vibe, showing off Massimiliano’s luxurious sound. Lyrics are sung with the utmost of care, as the song celebrates togetherness. Woven deep within the song’s DNA is an adherence to the unexpected as the song twists and turns.

Electro to its core, Pure Dynamite’s “Fourth of July” deserves to be played as loud as possible. With a strong synthesizer leading the way the song is full of energy with no easing up. Going for this full-on sound the song feels like heat rising off the pavement in the middle of the summer.

Bringing the collection to a close is the childlike wonder of hooyoosay’s “Googly Goo”. Possessing a rich sound the piece reflects upon the brilliance of careful cuts and splices. The strong beat and infectious melody give the song great power.

Bongo Boy Records Summer Compilation is here. Bongo Boy Beach includes 11 Summer Escape Fun Songs by 10 International recording artists. This compilation is a part of Bongo Boy’s Compilation series on Bongo Boy Records:

1. Great Escape – Mark Baxter 3:42
2. Follow Your Bliss – A Year From Monday 4:08
3. Dancing On The Sun – EsQuille Feat. Bruno Alexander
4. Come On Baby (Come On Over) – The Pete V Project Feat. Reece Bahia 2:58
5. Run Me All Around – B. I. S. 2:58
6. You Make Me Feel Good – Pamela Davis 3:19
7. Boys Like You – Sara James 4:39
8. Deep Blue Sea – Mia Moravis 3:03
9. U Sud – Massimiliano 3:16
10. Fourth Of July – Pure Dynamite 3:51
11. Googly Goo – hooyoosay 3:09

By Beach Sloth