Junk Parlor – ‘Mick Jagger’s Heart’


This single by Junk Parlor is definitely a keeper. For all of who are into Alternative-Americana and Indie-Rock music, or even just know the song “Dear Doctor” by the Rolling Stones, you would very much appreciate this song. It’s somewhat dark with a meaning that’s just unclear to me as this genre is definitely not my cup of tea. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a thing or two to say about this album.

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Junk Parlor is a little band that’s described as a “galvanizing force”, to which we positively agree with for now. The band is mostly from California, but their music is definitely influenced by the Bay Area, as you can clearly hear if you would listen to their music. They’re also said to be inspired by Elvis, Mozart, Louis Armstrong, Django Reinhardt, Tchan Tchou Vidal, Gypsy Kings and many more. But their influences actually sparked a thought into my head.

As a follower of Rock, I know that it’s broad as a genre, but it’s kind of unclear to me that this band falls into the genre of Rock. Their other genre, Gypsy Jazz is very much understandable. But in all honesty, they’d be an awesome band to listen to as an Indie/Country band instead. Maybe it’s just me, but you can’t deny that their music is not like any other Rock music to be called Rock (but I mean this in a good way). Maybe a little genre identity crisis is needed to be fixed, but they’re still a great band making music nevertheless.

Now with all the introductions and constructive criticisms out of the way, let’s dive right in into the song, shall we? It fits into the Alternative-Americana genre so well and it’s amazing to listen to. The lyrics definitely were trying to communicate to the listeners with a somewhat clear manner that he’s heartbroken. I wasn’t able to pick up the actual point of the song at first as I couldn’t decipher what he was saying because I was busy listening to the awesome guitar playing.

However, I’m not even sure if it’s a guitar, a mandolin, a dobro or a banjo. Again, their music is not in my alley for me to know, but I really liked the string instrument that they used in this song! Its sound definitely stood out and became the main rhythm of the song. Plus, at the bridge of the song, it managed to really captivate me with an awesome riff solo. There was even a violin there somewhere in the background playing that just really made this song. But let’s not forget the bass and the drums, as their backing rhythm definitely delivered for this song.

Overall, it’s a very good single. Though I can’t be one to judge it too much, I liked it as far as my Rock perspective comes into play. Even though
I don’t really know why his heart needs to be placed next to Mick Jagger’s heart, it really makes for a great title. Do watch out for their album release that also contains Mick Jagger’s Heart in it! Never say that out loud, guys.

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Review by Cameron Catiltil