Bruce Lev – ‘The Declaration of Independents’


Tapping into rock n’ roll’s heart and soul, Bruce Lev’s “The Declaration of Independents” is pure fun. With a wide variety of styles the pieces are woven together impeccably. Vocals are sung straight from the heart, the arrangements flawless, and with the right amount of passion. From the rollicking swagger of “LIVE On Alabama Drive” to the experimental “Bell Bottom Girl (no. 9)” Bruce Lev displays a wide range indeed.

Romantic to its very core is the tender ballad of “Bell Bottom Girl” which opens the album on a high note. “Catwoman” opts for another approach, demanding full attention. Loud, deliciously so, the song moves forward with tremendous power. The rhythm is colossal, the guitar work blistering, and overall the dominating spirit of the track works wonders. High energy continues on “20th Century Man” where Bruce Lev shows off his impressive vocals, commanding attention. Offering an intricate multi-layered sound is the balanced work of “Jessica” with Juice Lucafo’s sweet voice leading the way. Easily the highlight of the album is the driving rhythm of “LIVE On Alabama Drive”. Reminiscent of 60s psychedelic the song simply soars. Downright dreamy at times the piece feels warm and inviting. Going for a stranger more surreal sound is the trip work of “Bell Bottom Girl (no. 9)” whose studio effects recall the Beatles work. Ending the album off with a sense of community is the celebratory “What You Do To Me”.

By letting his songs simply soar Bruce Lev creates a unique finely crafted album with “The Declaration of Independents”.

By Beach Sloth