Cooper Phillip – “Silence”


Angelic in tone is the grandeur of Cooper Philip’s “Silence”. Sung straight from the heart her vocal delivery is phenomenal with light accompaniment done via the strong and expressive piano work. The song unfurls ever so gently with her story serving as the beating heart of the piece. Her voice simply soars as she reveals what a relationship can do to a person. Gradually her words come into focus as she reveals exactly how a relationship dissolves.

Things open up ever so gently. From this whispered hush her voice grows ever larger and more dominant. Soft at first the piano starts up leading into the introduction of her story. Distance is conveyed through the separate sides that can separate people, through taking opposite sides of the bed. When this happens it can mean that two people have grown apart in a literal sense. People ought to be close to each other and when this distance grows it becomes harder to overcome. Each additional verse has Cooper Philip’s voice grow in confidence. Alongside her is the piano nicely matching her intensity. By the finale the song is undeniable in its power. Her voice soars towards the heavens with the piano virtually pounding its insistent rhythm and melody. When her voice comes to the absolute peak of power, the song drifts away, with the ghostly melody lingering a few moments longer before completely melting away.

Sophisticated and showing off an impressive undeniably great voice, Cooper Philip’s “Silence” is simply stunning.

By: Beach Sloth