SakkieFTW – “Experiment 1.3.2”


SakkieFTW’s “Experimental 1.3.2” takes the best pieces of EDM and dubstep transforming them into an irresistibly catchy whole. Energetic to its very core the songs are pure adrenaline. Moving at incredible speed SakkieFTW shows incredible skill at weaving together layer upon layer of sound. Rhythms are relentless with the melodies bouncing off of them iridescently. By taking an almost geometric approach to song craft SakkieFTW is able to explore a wide variety of textures. Throughout the collection the songs seem to positively teem with life, letting the works shift and veer around almost seemingly at random. Within these pieces though there is a strong structure, one that SakkieFTW plays around. Keeping the songs quite surprising in nature SakkieFTW offers a wide variety of approaches showing off his versatility.

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Easily the highlight of the collection is the bombastic opener “Spiral”. Featuring the fine vocals of Kaeli McArter, SakkieFTW creates an amazing sound that swirls around Kaeli McArter’s surreal lyricism. Rock-edged the title track “Experimental 1.3.2” has a little bit of drum n’bass entering into the mix via the “Amen” break being used quite effectively. Absolutely chaotic in nature is the multi-edged sound of “Frogstep” which at times shows off a hint of reggae’s strong deep bass-led melody. Closing things on a physical note is the gargantuan sound of “In Chains”. Letting the distortion reign supreme SakkieFTW creates an amazing gritty piece of work.

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Tapping into a visceral sound SakkieFTW’s “Experimental 1.3.2” is a pure joy.

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