Cage & Co – ‘Tyneside On My Mind’


Sweet and succinct, Cage & Co’s “Tyneside On My Mind” is a tender ballad. Full of love the song’s core rests within its articulate highly thoughtful lyrics. Passionately delivered the song shoots for the heavens and lands among the stars. The arrangement is impeccable kept to the absolute essentials and completely engrossing. By opting for this tight delicate arrangement the song is able to fully emphasize Cage & Co’s careful narrative. A place and time serve as the focus of this story which is about a sense of love and affection from such a long while ago.

Opening up ever so quietly the immaculate clear piano resonates quite majestically. Cage & Co’s vocals serve as the heart of the matter. He sings of an earlier time, one of innocence. This innocence serves as the backbone of the track as the song talks of that earlier, simpler time. When the percussion enters into the fray the song truly comes into bloom. Small yet significant elements flow into the mix from the slight synthesizers to the steady bass line. As the piece progresses it grows ever larger and more commanding. For the finale Cage & Co truly let everything reach a satisfying conclusion, as the cyclical nature helps to bring the song to an apex of sorts, as the sound grows ever larger and more commanding.

The inviting sound, Cage & Co’s warm vocals, accompanied by a balance of the lush and fragile, makes “Tyneside On My Mind” a perfect kind of love song.

Posted by Beach Sloth