Tod Hughes – “Time Slow Down”


Sung straight from the heart, Tod Hughes recalls past singer songwriter storytellers like Bob Dylan and Neil Young with “Time Slow Down”. His attention to detail is exquisite in terms of the impeccable arrangements and the poetic lyricism. Throughout it all Tod Hughes sensitive voice and keen observation helps to give these songs great power. Emotionally Tod Hughes runs the gamut from the reflective to the playful, each approach yielding great fruit.

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With a slight tinge of nostalgia is the album opener and title track. Tod Hughes lets the small flourishes add up from the punctuation courtesy of the wonderful strings. A more rollicking sound defines the passionate “One of a Kind”. Presenting a great kind of build-up is the sweetness of “Nothing Too Obscure” where Tod Hughes looks back into what all those random moments with pop culture truly mean, from playing records backwards to remembering canceled cult classics. Great humor comes from the sly groove of “Drinking Coffee In a Hipster Place” as Tod Hughes offers a light jab on hipster culture. Romantic to its very core is the tender work of “Coming Home To You”. Easy-going with an airy arrangement is the sunny “Real You And Me”. Bringing the album to a satisfying conclusion is the low-key “Darkness that Cries” with its elegant arrangement effortlessly adding to the power of the lyrics.

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Tod Hughes creates a timeless masterpiece with “Time Slow Down” with a sound that touches the soul.

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