De’Lise – “Matters”

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De’Lise creates a beautiful song sung straight from the heart on the tender “Matters”. Everything is kept to the absolute essentials with the song delivered in an intimate hushed whisper. From the chorus to the light yet soulful piano work the entire song comes together ever so gradually. Hints of bass enter into the fray ensuring that the song reveals its depth, as its message focuses on paying attention. Life requires the need for companionship, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

The song begins with careful piano work. De’Lise’s voice shines through clearly and concisely. Her story is one that requires a listener, one that is tearing her apart. Yet the song acknowledges exactly how this makes her feel, to have someone to talk to which is one of the most important things to do in life. When horrible things happen the most important thing that can be done is to simply listen. Sometimes there is nothing that can be done to change any of it. As she continues to sing, of these problems that have been slowly ruining life for her, the song grows ever so gradually in intensity. By opting for this subtle approach De’Lise is able to show exactly what loneliness can feel like. Having nobody to talk to can ruin a life, can make it unbearable.

“Matters” shows off De’Lise’s subtle yet effective charm. This is a pop song that delves deep into the innermost workings of strong secure relationships.

*Produced by Grammy Nominated Producer: D-Moet, creator of the infamous Hip Hop Classic “Hate me Now” by Nas feat. P. Diddy*

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