With the many discussions tossed around regarding the lack of preparedness for the estate of the late recording artist, Prince, Certified Financial Education Instructor, Paul D. Jones offers clarity for planning your own. A fellow Minnesotan, Jones has met with a barrage of questions after the legendary singer’s financial chaos became public. His answers are found within a nationally touring seminar, “Financial Literacy University,” offering a half day, two-three hour event where Jones covers life changing topics on all money matters. In reflecting on the reported turmoil surrounding Prince’s finances after he died, and with Jones’ own background in the music industry;he presents entertainment upstarts with preemptive methods for avoiding similar economic chaos. From handling sudden wealth, to managing it wisely-including planning a lasting infrastructure for your family, Jones provides a unique perspective and personal experience as a published author, inspirational speaker, corporate trainer, and frequent keynote speaker.

Artists such as Prince whose financial affairs were left in an incoherent state are a sharp reminder that experts such as Jones, when brought in during the formative stages of wealth planning, are necessary. His work with college students removes the mindset of ‘being broke’ and replaces it with actual strategies for improving one’s money matters-even while in school. His practical self-help modules can be found throughout his published titles including his latest, “I Quit” (Being Broke) and his ever popular editions, “Who Told You…You Were Broke?” and “Schedule for Success”. He has gained a rapidly growing audience with his,”I Quit” DVD series, and his informative, “What You and Your Kids Need to Know About Credit.” His seminars are an attraction for all ages-from high school teens to middle aged adults. Jones is releasing his fourth book Mid-June of 2016 entitled, “I’m Just Saying,”which offers quotes by Jones that uplift, inspire, and spur the mind/spirit into positive action.

ABOUT PAUL JONES: Certified Financial Education Instructor, Paul D. Jones has helped over 500 entrepreneurs and businesses of all size optimize profits, and experience exponential growth. Jones is the author of “Who Told You…You Were Broke?”, “Schedule for Success,” “What You and Your Kids Need to Know About Credit” and his latest writing entitled, “I Quit” (Being Broke). He is currently on a national lecture tour entitled, “Financial Literacy University”.