5 Things Every Successful Musician Needs_phixr

Without music, the world doesn’t make much sense. Many mothers play music for their children in the womb. Others love to play music to calm their minds or get into a different frame of mind. Music makes a major difference in every life, whether it’s acknowledged or not. Out of all the careers to choose from, a career in music can be one of the most gratifying. However, to be a success, a musician needs five main things.

1. Practice
The competition for musicians is incredibly high. Many people are excellent vocalists, drummers, bass players, and pianists. In order to stay relevant, a musician must make practicing on a daily basis habitual. Adopt the mindset involving 10,000 hours to perfect a craft. For a musician who desires to make music a full-time living, practicing daily for at least two hours is incredibly important.

2. Network
A strong network of music professionals and musicians is very valuable when a musician is looking for work. In most cases, a musician doesn’t just get a gig on talent alone. It’s usually because the musician has a connection in a certain arena. A successful musician knows the value and importance of networking. After all, it’s not always what you know. In many cases, it’s who you know.

3. Flexibility
There are times when gigs will get canceled. There may be times when people get sick. A successful musician understands the unpredictability of the industry and makes provision for the sake of flexibility. Just for when a gig doesn’t work out, it’s important for a musician to have some financial flexibility. Saving, investing, and working multiple jobs will be very helpful for maintaining financial flexibility.

4. Protection
One of the greatest ways to make money in the industry involves songwriting and producing. Songwriting is a great form of passive income if a song does well on the radio or in the marketplace. In order to make sure the money and rights get properly credited, a musician must protect their work with a copyright and publishing rights. Companies like ASCAP and BMI specialize in protecting the original work of musicians. In addition to legal protection, it’s important to protect the actual instrument. For example, a singer must take care of their health and drink plenty of water because their voice is their livelihood. A bass player should keep their instrument in a durable case to make sure it doesn’t get damaged. Places like Encore A&S Case Company sell all kinds of different cases for various instruments. There’s no reason why any musician should forgo protecting their physical instrument.

5. Determination
Most importantly, things will get challenging in the music industry. Even though things may look bleak at times, a successful musician will hang in there and keep determination in the heart. With a determined resolve to be successful, any musician can achieve their dream.