Jetpacks – “Two Modes of Transport”


“Two Modes of Transport” shows Jetpacks at their absolute best, with a tender darkwave sound leading the way. Much of the song opts for a slightly dreamy sound going from dubstep to chillwave to shoegaze so naturally. Carefully crafted the song is the right kind of nimble with little elements of nostalgia presenting themselves throughout the song. Jetpacks focuses heavily on balance refusing to let any one sound dominate. By letting the song build up from such a quiet place the sound grows increasing in intensity and in color. Blurred voices lead the way effortlessly blending into the overall melodic progression. At times reminiscent of James Blake’s restrained music, the song is quite tasteful.


A hushed chorus introduces the song. Spacious in nature the song feels exploratory. Rhythms move languidly with the few elements of percussion echoing out into the sky. Melodies are bright, shining with optimism. With each additional reiteration Jetpacks lets the song add new textures into the piece. Little details work wonders, particularly the almost Boards of Canada like melody that gain prominence about halfway through the piece. By growing the melody into an ever sweeter sound they are able to add to the overall ornate arrangement. Percussion filters into the mix as Jetpacks uses an anthemic sound for its approach. Fluttering about the song feels triumphant by the very end with the sound simply lingering on effortlessly.

Sweet and tender, Jetpacks creates a stunningly beautiful track on “Two Modes of Transport”.

Posted by Beach Sloth