Wiseproof – “Scuse Me”


Lush and luxurious, Wiseproof’s “Scuse Me” offers up a downright decadent sound. The mysterious nature of the track means it is impossible to fully pin down. A sleek bass line drives the song forward, serving as the song’s backbone, ensuring that the rhythm is absolutely dominating. Vocals are the heart of the track as they have a smooth flow, meshing perfectly with the otherworldly nature of the melodies. Dreamy at times the piece aims feels akin a quiet contemplation on life.

“Scuse Me” via Soundcloud:

For the first few moments the song starts off with a minimal approach. The nimble percussion works wonders ensuring that the song has just the right balance. Samples glisten in the mix serving as little glimpses of another world. Lyrics deal with the problems that befall a person, the bad vibes that can ruin a person’s life. About halfway through the track Wiseproof lets the song completely breakdown. By doing this Wiseproof is able to show off exactly how difficult this moment is for him, of all the pain he is feeling being unable to get out of this awful mood. Over the course of the song the narrative finds itself woven directly into the mix trying to articulate how one is able to defeat the negative energy that can destroy relationships, driving people apart.

“Scuse Me” is a perfect piece of pop, dark, intricate, and at times beautiful. Wiseproof’s “Scuse Me” has an infectious groove, one that refuses to let up.


Posted by Beach Sloth