Port of Est – ‘Onyx Moon’


Port of Est. taps into a late 80s darkwave sound on the impeccable “Onyx Moon”. Absolutely infectious in nature these are songs that linger in the mind long after they are over. The attention to detail is admirable as Port of Est. present a mixture of brooding and beauty. By maintaining this balance they create a compelling piece of dreaminess. Synthesizers, guitars, precision percussion, all of this comes together so brilliantly. Tying it all together are the inviting vocals, cool and crystal clear.


“Lupine” wastes no time in starting things off on the right note. Disembodied vocals are peppered throughout the beginning as the piece slowly comes together. The fluttery nature of the melody guides the way as the song expands in scope with a deep bass synthesizer line serving as the song’s backbone. Hyperactive in nature is the giddy rhythm of “Valentine In My Headphones” which is best listened to in headphones as their production values are astounding. Easily the highlight of the album is “Collide” which serves as the heart. Reminiscent of the Cocteau Twins and their fondness for ethereal soundscapes the piece feels completely natural, a living breathing sound. Ending things on a high note is the tactile celebratory sound of “Kamikaze”. The song has a grandeur to it as it grows ever larger in sound before it simply fades out fantastically.

“Onyx Moon” shows off Port of Est’s impressive chops, endless grooves and haunting melodies.


Posted by Beach Sloth