These days, even a novice we marketer is well aware of the importance of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the best way for digital marketing. The long time success of any website is dependent on SEO. Organic web traffic is the easiest and most cost-efficient procedure, to acquire new visitors to your website. The more the visitors, the better is the Google ranking.

However, managing the site can be real hard work, as it involved a lot of time. Making and editing HTML is time consuming and very difficult. Gone are the days when webmasters used to do it manually. Now is the era of content management systems. It is handy, easy to use and effective.

What is WordPress and why should you use it?
Whether you are working for a digital and e-commerce marketing company or you are simply trying to promote a brand, blogging is the most important component to any type of search engine optimization campaigns. Needless to say of all the blogging platforms, WordPress has proven itself as the most reliable way to make a SEO-friendly blog.

WordPress works by creating HTML. HTML is search engine friendly and can easily come up in the web. Additionally, there are numerous plug-in and extensions. These tools can turn your WordPress site into a power pack blog forum. Moreover, the beauty of WordPress plug-ins is that they are continuously updated. These up gradations are made by thousand of WordPress developers.

How to use SEO along with WordPress?

Let us look at the various in-built plug-in:

In-built SEO
WordPress comes with an in-built SEO feature. It has got almost all the sections and mechanisms that are required for good optimization. Recent tech reports have suggested that 90 percent of the SEO is completed, when a blogger selects WordPress platform. These days even most of the commercial entities are taking active part in WordPress blogging. Most of these commercial blog processes like publishing new articles and finance posts are managed by this in-built plug-in.

XML Sitemap
It is a myth that you have to submit sitemaps to enhance your website ranking. You don’t have to do it with WordPress. The XML Sitemap extension is very fast. As soon as you make a new post or update something on your blog, WordPress automatically sends the update to Google. Based on the quality of your content, it gets ranked.

Keyword planner
Gone are the days when web managers used to stuff their articles with keywords. Now, with this plug-in you can get an overview of the most used keywords, according to the topic.

Free email extension
You can get certain web applications that will allow you to send free email to a definite number of customers. However, you have to fill in the data every time you want to send bulk mails. But, with this new WordPress plug-in, your work becomes easy. Add up the customer details, save it and keep sending emails as required.

However, WordPress doesn’t give open rate of those mails. For effective email marketing campaigns, you can contact any bulk email marketing services in Mumbai. Most these companies will provide you with the percentage of open rate of the send e-mails.

Meta description
Meta text is one of the most important factors of SEO. Most of the time, in hurry, we type in the wrong keyword. This plug-in will suggest you the words you should target for marketing. Moreover, it also gives a rating of the entire Meta description.

WordPress is commonly known as the blogging platform. However, it is also gaining popularity with certain small to medium scale industries for online content management. This is because a new company firstly looks for better online presence along with SEO.

Author Bio: Donavin Grant is a tech blogger and a professional program developer. Currently, he is working with GingerDomain.com and gives SEO consultation for blogging. You can take his services, to know the tips and tricks of blogging.