A t-shirt is probably the most boring piece of clothing that you could ever wear. There are just so many types of t-shirts that are available in the market. Getting one is so simple. They are worn for casual activities and for freedom purposes. If you do not want a bunch of outfits dragging you down, you just throw on a t-shirt and jeans then be on your way. There are however several ways of wearing a t-shirt that will not make it a boring piece on your body. You can convert that basic gothic-t-shirts into something outstanding. Here are some ideas on how to do that.

1. Wear it like a blouse
There are many people who are doing this nowadays. Wearing a t-shirt like a blouse is not anything new but then it is also not boring. You can throw on that super basic t-shirt beneath a cropped jacket and it will be everything but basic. Couple this look with shorts and a pair of boots and no one will even notice the fact that you are wearing a t-shirt as a blouse.

2. Use for dressing down an outfit
A t-shirt, thanks to its simplicity, can be used to dress down an ‘over-the-edge’ outfit. You do not want people to stare at you because you have overdone your look. Therefore, you can simply throw on a t-shirt to do the dressing down. The t-shirt will not stand out from the outfit but it will serve to make the outfit be noticed. It does not make your look’s elements appear as if they are competing for attention.

3. Cool graphics
A plain white t-shirt is very cute on men with heavy arms and an acre worth of chest. But so are t-shirts with a bit of graphics. Consider t-shirts like the LivnFresh Michigan t shirts. They are very cute and have cool graphics. If you love Michigan and you want something to show your love for the state, throw on one of these t-shirts. LivnFresh is renowned for having some extremely fantastic t-shirts. They are not the basic kind of t-shirts.

4. Simple wording please!
T-shirts that have wording are great; they are not just basic. It is important to make sure that you get a simple t-shirt if you want to go wordy. If it is too wordy, you might have people gawking at you in the name of ‘trying to read the words on your t-shirt’. Who wants creepy stalkers staring at them?

5. Have fun with colors
Do not stock your wardrobe with black, white and grey t-shirts only. Have fun with the colors in your wardrobe. Neutral-colored t-shirts are great when you want your makeup to stand out. On the other hand brightly colored t-shirts make for a great piece that attracts attention from miles away. Dark-colored t-shirts are great when you want to emphasize the look of the other clothes you have paired it with. Be careful with the colors though. Do not select a color that will make you look and feel as if you are sick.

Author bio
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