Your wedding day is definitely your biggest day as a couple. This means that you have to have everything running smoothly. The success of your wedding is determined by how well the planning is done and how the plans are adhered to. Here are the tips and guidelines that you can follow to ensure success of your wedding:

1. Discuss the budget
Money is a very contentious and even uncomfortable discussion for most couples. If you hadn’t been entirely open about your finances before the proposal, this will be the time to discuss it. Setting a reasonable budget is important. Put all your ideas on the table then settle on the best option and budget that will work for your wedding.

2. Set the wedding date
There will always be a lot of excitement after the proposal but this is also a good time to set the date for the wedding. Choose a date that will be suitable or convenient for your family and friends to attend if you wish to have a big wedding. This date should be work with the day the venue will be available.

3. Find the your venue
Your preferences will be different but find a place that works for you both. The venue is important because this is the place that the memories will be created. Take your time and research about the best places to hold your wedding. If you already have a place in mind, then you should take the extra step and book the venue by making a down payment or a deposit. This way, you will have a venue secured.

4. Work out the number of guests to invite
Agree on how big you intend your wedding to be then come up with a number from both parties. The number will be determined by the venue chosen and how one feels about big or smaller private weddings. Also determine if children should be allowed in the wedding or not.

5. Hire a wedding planner
The saying, ‘no man is an island’ applies to many parts of our lives and wedding planning is one of those areas of your life. You must find a wedding planner to organize the wedding. Between work, family and getting time for each other, you will not be able to organize the wedding on your own. Hire an expert wedding planner with a good reputation and vast experience. The best wedding planners are the ones capable of running everything without supervision; they should also be proactive and creative. They should handle all wedding services; photography, music, lighting, etc.

6. Contact bridesmaids/ Groomsmen
In case you hadn’t asked your friends or family to be in your bridal party, then this is the time to do so. Informing or asking them early in the wedding planning gives them time to prepare and reorganize their plans. Finding replacement s is also easy when planning is done early.

7. Shop and buy wedding dress
Buying or selecting your wedding dress early in the wedding ensures that you get to relax as the wedding day approaches. Alterations and replacements can be done when you book or buy early. This is also a good time to have the bridal party select designs and settling on the colour schema for the wedding.

8. Find Wedding rings
Exchange of vows is the main event at the wedding therefore, you should find your wedding bands early. Fitting and resizing will be done well if the rings are ordered early enough.

In conclusion, your big day has to be successful and you need to get things running. You can get most of the wedding plans going if you hire a wedding planner to select the flowers, photographers, the furniture, cakes, caterers, decorations and all other activities. This was, you will not be stressed out before your big day.

Author Bio
Amanda Sachs is a renowned wedding planner who has chaperoned many weddings and corporate events successfully. She advises couples to hire renown or expert wedding planners with outstanding portfolios, she also advises that couples set reasonable budgets for the best weddings.