Stewart Francke – ‘Stewart Francke’


Stewart Francke’s self-titled effort is played with a tremendous amount of heart and soul. These songs feel timeless in nature. Like a collection of long-lost classics there is something so intimate, so familiar throughout the album. His voice serves to center the album showing off a wide range from the celebratory to the sweet with everywhere in between. By opting for such a sound he is able to show off his considerable chops and ear for melody. Throughout the album the songs simply stun whether he is going for the mellow opener “Summer Solider (Holler If Ya Hear Me)” to introspective “House Of Lights”.

Deserving to be played as loud as possible is the passionate rush of “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”. By far the highlight of the album is the infinite smoothness of “Sam Cooke’s on The Radio” which feels like a forgotten late 70s Steely Dan track. Irresistible in nature the song’s gliding groove and fanfare work wonders. Akin to Jon Brion’s fondness for forthright classic rock is the earnestness of “Two Guitars Bass and Drums”. Stewart Francke’s lyricism evokes the best of summer jam, sunny in nature. Smart in nature is the narrative of “Letter From Ten Green”. Closing the album off on a fiery infectious note is the ambitious spraying work of “Upon Seeing Simone (Live)”. The song’s passion grows ever larger until the fantastic finale.

Infinitely stylish with immaculate arrangements Stewart Francke’s self-titled album is pop perfection.

Posted by Beach Sloth