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For the millions of individuals who cannot start their day without a tall cup of Joe, an energy shot, shake or supplement, there is a fundamental, all-natural alternative that has been proven to boost energy and increase alertness – oxygen. Studies reveal that fatigue is one of the most common conditions experienced by people worldwide, and a fact which often goes unnoticed is that oxygen can relieve this issue. The cells in a human body create energy in order to function, and can only do so if they have appropriate levels of oxygen. Essentially, every breath that we take (of oxygen) converts to energy.

With this in mind, Oxygen Plus (O+) has developed a line of portable, recreational oxygen providing enriched air to wellness-minded individuals. Each light-weight canister of Oxygen Plus holds 95% pure oxygen, offering users a healthy alternative to polluted and stale air.

Research has shown that increasing one’s oxygen intake has numerous benefits on the human body. Breathing supplemental oxygen can help improve mental clarity, cognitive performance, increase alertness and energy, and decreases stress levels. Oxygen also helps the body to recuperate after vigorous physical activity.

Oxygen Plus features a variety of product offerings including the O+ Mini canister, which offers 24+ breaths of oxygen, the O+ Skinni canister, which offers more than 50 breaths of oxygen, and the O+ Elevate Pack, which includes the reusable O-Stick shell and two starter refills – each offering more than 50 breaths of oxygen.

Each product can also be purchased in a variety of flavors, including Natural, Peppermint and Pink Grapefruit, and is available online.