Brandon Stansell proves himself a standout singer-songwriter on his single, “Dear John.” The Tennessee native was born with Country music in his blood, but it’s the cross-genre influences that range from emotionally driven performers like Brandi Carlile to the soulful sounds of Sam Smith, that have given Stansell the rich outline to create a truly unique sound that refuses to be pigeonholed. His stunning break-up anthem, “Dear John,” produced by Nashville-based producers Bobby Blazier and Chris Rodriguez (who have worked with superstars like Leann Rimes, Faith Hill, and Keith Urban), is a heartbreaking real-time tale about the loss of a first love.

The video for “Dear John,” produced and directed by Trent Atkinson, is a metaphor for actual events that inspired the song. With scenic downtown Los Angeles as its backdrop, Stansell’s emotional storytelling, a mix of direct to camera vocals interwoven with a cinema worthy narrative, the elements of the video combine to force listeners to feel the impact of a devastating loss. As viewers experience the tumultuous end of Stansell’s relationship, they follow him while he picks up the pieces and gathers the courage to carry on. The track, though a tragic and poetic story, finds peace in the search for hope.