Hello Friday – ‘Lexxica’


EDM is a branch off of the musical tree that some may never be able to fully comprehend or even want to. For ‘Hello Friday’ by Lexxica who without a doubt has immensive workmanship to produce such an easily excitable track. To break down the pros and cons of Lexxica’s newest club thumping jam, we must first talk about how this track could be considered the more adult version of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’. If you do not know who Rebecca Black is, simply google and you’ll remember that infamous week or two that was drenched with everything concerning the last day of the work week back in 2011.

The cons of Lexxica’s ‘Hello Friday’…the beats are the basic EDM style that we hear and see on every track. Meaning that ‘Hello Friday’ is meant to be that heart pounding, feet stomping, dance worthy number that appears at every club or bar that has a somewhat reasonable dance floor. Plus EDM it not a musical genre known for the depth within their lyrics, so that wasn’t a real surprise to be frankly honest. One last thing is the track doesn’t stand out, while EDM is a collective effort in getting the audience riled up and in a happy (sometimes induced) frenzy, this track will get lost in the mesh of every other DJ out there accomplishing the same desired effect.

The pros of ‘Hello Friday’, Lexxica should try to lend her vocals to a more Pop based track. With a verse, chorus, verse and little instrumental involvement. From this track, the little amount where lyrics are involved, Lexxica has an almost melancholy structure that leads to a thought that says ‘Is she making fun of Friday or is she truly enthralled by the day’? And it’s always good when an artist can have their audience question them, keeps everyone guessing and on their toes. The production is traditional but cleaned up fairly well. More than likely because of Grammy nominee Rusty Varenkamp who was the other writer for the single ‘Hello Friday’. As well as Varenkamp lending his talent to the entirety of the album.

The important basis for this track ‘Hello Friday’ is that Lexxica understands that some people just want to let go and lose themselves in music that relatively sounds upbeat. No judgment there. However, Lexxica seems as if she is holding back by not branching out into different fields of musical genre and instead pigeonholing the ability her talent is capable of mastering.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJF2qvjGIto

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Lexxicamusic/

Review by Kristen Fisher