Listen to Sunmonks’ new double single release out now on Digisquad and The Orchard Records! Currently in the process of recording their debut full-length expected later this year, the duo of Geoffrey CK and Alexandra Steele share their latest two singles, illustrating their progression further into multi-part pop harmonies and instrumentation.

Geoffrey CK and Alexandra Steele on the new singles: “While working on our forthcoming album, we ended up with two songs Greens and Honey that we really liked but didn’t fit the rest of the album so we’re releasing those two songs as singles in advance of the full-length LP. We like how the tracks fit together as they both explore an intersection of pop vocal hooks, a mix of electronic and organic rhythm elements, analog synth bass and orchestral string arrangements. We even managed to sneak some guitar parts into both tracks. We had a lot of fun writing and recording these two songs, hope you have fun listening to them.”