Naomi K – “Who Knew”


Naomi K is an Australian, Dutch transport now living in Los Angeles, showing America what she has to offer with her latest single, Who Knew. She is a nice refreshing difference from the average and setting the bar higher than ever before. This heart felt ditty warms the soul from the inside out.


A pretty young lady with a pretty voice singing a lovely uplifting song. She is telling us not to give up and chase your dreams unafraid with no regrets. Lyrically she reveals everyday disappointments, then decorates it with a musical lace.

She planted a seed with a nice, neat acoustic and as the song builds it blooms into something larger than life. A glimmer of hope, a boost of morale, a pat on the back saying, come on we got this, if we work together; each instrument is working in total harmony, creating the perfect prosody intended. It is a well thought out precise work of art that makes the world a bit prettier than it was before, Nice work!

Well, thank you for the smile, her song is a pleasant surprise that brightens a cloudy day. “Who Knew” it could have such an effect, however, it packs a nice pleasant little punch. Wake up, have a smile and buy Naomi K’s new single, Who Knew.

I rate this 4 out of 5

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