Audacity’s new album, Hyper Vessels, is outApril 1st on Suicide Squeeze Records and to celebrate, they’re hitting the open road! Catch them on tour all over America this spring and don’t miss their newest single! “Umbrellas” debuted yesterday on Stereogum following on the heels of the album’s lead single, “Dirty Boy,” saying that the song “embodies punk through its own youthful defiance.”

When Fullerton, California’s brash quartet Audacity first started churning out EPs and ripping up basements, it was hard to not get swept up in their adolescent exuberance. When a band can boast their ten-year anniversary before their members are legally old enough to rent a car, then one can only assume that their battle plan hinges largely on the rebellious energy and fearless charisma that comes with youth. Their last full-length, 2013’s Butter Knife, confirmed that strategy. It was the perfect encapsulation of a band brimming over with pop hooks, caffeinated chops, and a rabid repurposing of rock’s various primitive permutations. But young bands grow up quickly. Those deliciously sloppy riffs often get cleaned up. The petulant invincibility gets tempered down to cautious clichés. The rough edges get buffed down and glossed over. They stop exploring and opt to settle into the tried and true.