One of the most popular of the electronic-music genre, house music owes its genesis to Chicago in the 1980s. Marked by repetitive rhythms on the 4/4 beats, House shares similarities with disco music and over the years have produced various split segments such as ambient house, eurodance, tech house etc. The contemporary version of the music is Progressive Hpuse or Nu House. The Nu style is characterized by heavy beats whilst Progressive House stresses mostly on alterations within the melody or song. A favorite of the legendary music artists, ranging from Madonna to Janet Jackson to Diana Ross to Whitney Houston to C+C Music Factory- House has been a vital part of some of their phenomenal works. The genre is widely popular among the music lovers and you have websites like that offer free download of House music.

Song structure in House

When it comes to song structure, House follows a straight forward style:


House song tempo

When it comes to song tempo, house follows a slower rate (say 120 by 128 beats/minute). But that was the case with old school House & the progressive House today has paced up the tempo from 130-135 beats/minute. You can search your favorite House music tracks from

Basic Beat in House music

It’s the drum machines that define basic beat in House music. There are 3 choices here- JKong Drum designer, the Redrum Drum computer & NN-XT Advanced Sampler. Beat is a crucial element in house genre. You have the liberty to take to a wide variety of percussion elements in house music that would drive the melody in specific moods.

Most important instruments & accessories in House

Bass drum

The chief element in House music, it’s needed to set the rhythm. The drum will be played on 1/4th note.

Congas & bongas

If you are looking for an African feel for your house song, these two are a must have. The Congas & bongas are mostly used for composing feet-tapping summer hits that are played largely at beach parties.

Claps & snares

These will be handy when you have to bring syncopation on drum track. Your choice of claps & snares will highly influence the very mood of your song. For example, saturated drums would mean more aggressive sound track.

Metallic percussion

You would have to add metallic percussion when you looking for a tangy Latino feel to your House song. You can jazz it up further with whistles.